May, 2019 ‘The link is green’ – demonstration by Robin White

Thanks once again to the inimitable Robin, for giving us a wonderful evening, full of fun, and beautiful flowers.

We all love having Robin come to demonstrate, as we are sure to laugh out loud, as well as to admire his exquisite arrangements. 

Robin never seems to take himself too seriously, but he truly is one of the best demonstrators we have had the pleasure of welcoming to Rainham.

Please come back soon!

April 2019 – Easter Bonnets

The most unusual meeting we have ever had, I think! The floor of the hall was being re-surfaced, and we were in the actual church, with our Easter creations below the Communion rail! It was probably fortunate that we were decorating bonnets, rather than the usual placement work, but all went well.

There was, as usual, some lovely work. We had bonnets large, and bonnets small – bonnets tasteful and artistic, and bonnets fun and wacky! The competition was won by Jackie, a very worthy winner, with a fabulous hat covered in chicks, eggs and every Easter motif! Congratulations!

February 2019 – Romance, a practical evening

A representative of ‘One Big Family’ receives our cheque

A representative of 'One Big Family' receives our cheque
A representative of ‘One Big Family’ receives our cheque

We really do have some talented people at our club! The work on ‘Romance’ was inspired, with several quite new members producing wonderful arrangements.

At the meeting we presented our cheque for £300 to our charity for 2018: One Big Family.

A vote was taken on the charity for this year – announcement imminent.


AGM – January 2019

I don’t usually blog about the AGM. For obvious reasons it is not our favourite meeting of the year! But this year we had Jim Buttress as our after business speaker, and what a treat this turned out to be.

Jim spoke for an hour on his career in horticulture, but it seemed like 10 minutes; we were all thoroughly entertained, and are grateful to him for turning out on a January evening to visit us.

Christmas Party, December 2018

Buffet table arrangement
Buffet table arrangement

The Swinging Sixties! It’s probably true to say that most of us in the club remember those days, but I hope our younger members also enjoyed the evening. We had traditional buffet food, with delicious puddings, and excellent entertainment by Bruce Winters (who had a hit in the sixties!). Many thanks to all our committee members who worked hard preparing the food, and to our two ‘Barbaras’ who spent many hours preparing the lovely table decorations, and to Alison for providing a wonderful raffle.

Enjoying the music
Enjoying the music
A little dancing!
A little dancing!
Christmas Party 2018
Christmas Party 2018

‘By Candlelight’ A practical evening, October 2018

'By Candlelight' 1
‘By Candlelight’ 1

The work was outstanding on this evening – the colours were beautiful, and as usual the interpretations were incredibly varied. We really are lucky to have so many talented arrangers in our club.

We were also collecting for our charity, ‘One Family’ on the evening, and many thanks to the committee and members who put much work into arranging and manning the tombola and bring and buy stalls. Our thanks also to Kaye, who brought along some lovely jams and chutneys for sale.

'By Candlelight' 2
‘By Candlelight’ 2
'By Candlelight' 3
‘By Candlelight’ 3

‘Diamonds’ with Avril Hill : 10th September 2018

What a lovely evening! As usual Avril did us proud – wonderful flowers and arrangements, and at the end the stage looked stunning.

It is difficult to believe that this is the last time that Avril will demonstrate for us. As she reminded us, she actually retired from demonstrating at the end of last year, but agreed to do this last demo for us as it is our Diamond Anniversary year. Over the years we have enjoyed many fantastic and amusing demonstrations by Avril, and we would like to extend our very grateful and affectionate thanks for them all.

However, she continues to teach, so we are hopeful that we may be able to persuade her to lead a workshop in the future, and of course, we hope to see her occasionally at club.